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  • 1. It’s been a while since I’ve gone skiing.

    If you haven’t gone skiing in a while (longer than a season), we recommend starting out at a beginner level and working your way up to higher levels when you feel comfortable.

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  • 2. What should I do to prepare?

    A couple of squats and some leg work. Not required but can't hurt!

    Wear warm layers. It can get pretty cold on the mountain, especially as it gets later in the day.

    Bring nutritious snacks, banana etc. - food is a bit pricey 💸 at the mountain

    Rental gear reservation (if renting gear) for the mountain. You will have the opportunity to rent gear at the mountain as well.

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  • 1. Can I bring my phone/camera on the river with me?

    You can bring your camera/phone at your own risk. If you’re bringing your phone, please enclose it in a waterproof case secured to your person and test it BEFORE you get on the river. We don’t want to see hurt feelings.

    Also many a sunglass have been sacrificed to the river gods, so refrain from expensive shades.

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  • 2. Will we stop to eat?

    Yes, we will have an opportunity to take a break for lunch on the river bank.

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  • 3. Will I get wet?

    Yes, you will get soaked… because you’re pon de river 😉

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  • 4. How challenging are the rapids?

    The rapids are generally Class 3 or 4 but depends on the river and event specifics (Refer to event description). 

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  • 1. How long are hikes?

    Our hikes range in length and duration but a common hike (with scenic views) is about 5 miles.

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  • 2. How difficult are the hikes?

    Hikes range from easy to moderate to moderately strenuous and strenuous so that they are inclusive.

    Please see the rating for the specific event you are interested in and send us a question if you need any clarification. We're here for ya 🙂🐱‍🏍.

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  • 1. What are the camping accommodations?

    Cabins are a shared space with multiple beds in each room in a cabin. Each bed can fit one person.

    Tents are not provided by BOA; you will need to bring your own tent and camping equipment if choosing this option.

    I’m coming with someone. Can I share a room/tent?

    Yes, you can share a tent. A maximum of two people share a tent to allow space for other tents on the platform.

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  • 1. What should I bring/buy?

    Winter Sports

    Ski pants & jacket (Marshalls, Models, Amazon, REI)
    Purchase Ski goggles ~$20 @ a Sports store (More $$ @ the mountain).
    Dress in layers/ Wear Thermals under your ski pants and coat (This way you can adjust as needed).
    Wear proper weather/ waterproof gloves & Thick socks.
    A long hat or face mask is recommended
    Hand &/or leg warmers
    Money for storage lockers (roughly $6)

    Anything-Other-than-Winter Activities (Your Mileage May Vary)

    Clothing you don't mind getting some paint on: cargo/ thick pants & shirt +
    Gloves (for extra padding)
    A change of clothes (no paint in the bus!)

    Comfortable, athletic clothing
    Hiking boots or sturdy trail shoes with light wool socks
    Fleece or warm layers (for chilly evenings)
    A hat and sunglasses
    Day pack for hiking
    Refillable water bottles
    Phone charger and portable batteries
    Money to purchase extra items (snacks)
    Camping (Hiking gear + the below):
    Cozy clothes and shoes for sleeping and relaxing at camp
    Swimming suit/clothes (if kayaking/canoeing)
    Rain jacket
    Sleeping bag (20 degrees or lower recommended)
    Tent (if camping)
    Sleeping pad (if camping)
    Bug spray
    Headlamp or flashlight
    Personal items, toiletries etc.

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  • 1. Where are we meeting before the trip?

    We currently have pick-up locations in -

    Downtown Brooklyn/Atlantic Terminal
    Hanson Pl. & St Felix St.
    17 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn New, York 11217
    (In front of Hanson’s Gourmet Deli)


    Midtown/Times Square area - Manhattan
    W 43rd Street & 9th Avenue
    593 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036
    (In front of Starbucks)

    Specific location details will be provided in your confirmation e-mails.

    Please note that not all events will pick-up at both locations, so review specific event information.

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  • 2. I don’t know anyone else on the trip. Should I still go?

    This is the perfect reason for you to go to one of the BOA events! Come meet your new extended family and enjoy the shared adventures!

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  • 1. What do I need to do once I pay?

    Please complete the BOA event waiver immediately after paying for the event. This ensures we have the right information on file for you.


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  • 2. What types of payments do you accept?

    BOA accepts Venmo, Quickpay, and Zelle. We no longer accept Paypal.

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  • 3. What is the refund policy on paid events?

    The BOA refund policy is non-negotiable:
    *Full refund minus a $20 processing fee if you cancel 8 days in advance.
    *50% refund if you cancel 7 days in advance.
    *We are not able to provide refunds for cancellations, no shows or missed buses after that.
    *If the event is cancelled 100% of the amount paid is refunded.

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  • 4. What's BOA’s Code of Conduct?

    1. Treat fellow Group members with respect in the same way you would like to be treated.
    2. Member's will not engage in physical, verbal or sexual harassment of other group members.
    3. Ain't nobody here to babysit your ass, so please plan & act accordingly.
    4. Should it arise…You will endeavor to pay your part of the tab when we go out. No dead beats por favor
    5. We sometimes take photos for our meetup. Your participation in an event serves as an agreement to use said photo in Black Outdoor Adventurers Promotional materials. You may opt out of taking photos by not being in them.
    6. Also Black Outdoor Adventurers is here to promote the outdoors, fun and non-traditional activities among people of color. We aim to curate quality, fun events, create opportunities for real friendships and community.
    a. Please try to keep to schedules for time sensitive events. We won't be held responsible for missed buses etcetera.
    b. Read event details thoroughly, then feel free to comment or email questions.
    c. We reserve the right to remove any members, volunteers or sponsors who violate our codes of conduct or who's behavior we deem detrimental to the group's mission.
    7. To report an incident or contact the organizer aka me (Mina), please send a message to the meetup inbox or to BpLoveOutdoors@Gmail.com.
    8. Lastly I do this because love and passion, quality, friendships and cool folks are important to me, so let's not eff that up for each other.
    9. Keep your hands and feet to yourself 🙂
    Remember the best way to get the most out of the group is to be open and put in as much as you want to take away!

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  • 5. What is the cancellation and “no-show” policy?

    RSVPs should be cancelled three (3) hours before the event to allow others a chance to attend. A Cancellation less than three (3) hours before an event without word is considered a no-show. Be considerate of planning and message organizer if you can no longer attend on the day of event.

    A “no-show” is when a person reserves a space for an event and never uses that reservation/shows up. We understand that circumstances happen but it’s important to cancel your reservation to allow the organizers to plan accordingly and allow other people to participate. Four (4) no shows without notifying the group organizers will result in being removed from our community.

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